Education and learning the lessons of the 21st Century - Part 2

The American system of education can not be the best in the world (again, it may be), but at least it gives us, generation after generation, literate people who have a general idea of ??what we are as a nation and the world, and at least a rough idea of ??how we have here is important. It also reflects that I did not put his whole system, it suffices to note that reforms can not make this argument is that only a fool, this counter. The problem arises when the debate on how to improve startup.

There are those who claim that there is really no need for everyone who moves through the system to learn Latin or Spanish, or any other "useless" in a foreign language. In fact, there are people who believe that reading the literature. The idea of ??general education so that people in some way to avoid them as well rounded. The idea of ??the advantage of being multilingual, too, can be difficult to understand, when so many people rarely leave their hometown and then they complain that the staff of a station in another country does not speak English, it is amazing, or at least thinking dreaming?

Thus, there are two aspects of basic and higher education, and they are both equally important are the practical aspects of the life of a child and another to open their minds to the world beyond opportunities for their future and that is just as important in music education and driver education is to teach children, and what path they are on two levels.

When they move in their lives, postal services, public education, where much of this is an impact.

How to see and learn. It was an enjoyable experience. Do they feel that something out of it. Learn things that you want to learn, and can really turn around things of life: When a child is not aware, they should be able to explore what education they want to know what subject, only the pleasure of learning, if nothing else. With a minor master of the song on the instrument, or a piece of pottery or learn photography, film, theater, car mechanics, or simply because they want to, can give an assessment for learning, and it should be.

We have a history of this information is doubling every ten years, the way we live in a very different, even twenty years ago, and if a person has the training and early, and often they will be more ignorant. To paraphrase Paul McCartney "- the changing world we live in, give it a try and learn, or bye bye." The love of reading and learning to serve people all their days and keep them in a loop. My mother, 76 years to learn to send and receive e-mails, and my younger brother still refuses. The issue is not intelligence, it's just a question of wanting to take the best of what the world has to offer and not to leave something just because it starts with foreign and uncomfortable . This study.