Music Education - Attempts to classroom

Effective practice depends on an attempt challenging, interesting and well planned to use the maximum amount of time. The use of experience and rhythm are important factors in producing a successful experience. Time management is the starting and ending on time: Use every second, that the attempt to achieve the objectives.

Long-term goals and objectives are an important part of personal experience to make the most of the time. If we do not know where we want to experience, valuable time is lost and less will be achieved.

Make connections between what is known and what should be studied as possible: Where are the musicians in their musical development, physical, cognitive and emotional. What is the attention span of a certain age group. What are their traditions, language and the ability to read music. What do they need to learn, experience or review the following experiment. What activities are most appropriate for learning the music selection, skill, or concept. Answers to these questions are the backbone of the program experience.

Planning and provides links to previously learned concepts or skills of musical experience to save time. Develop objectives and become the building blocks of a consistent experience on the other. Are the expectations for each field experience, expectations and procedures must be reviewed and applied, and the children are accustomed to the routine and practices must always be consistent in all experiments, as the expectations and procedures.

Develop and prepare an education plan for each musical selection is repeated. Subdivide the project into several groups based on the amount of time available to repeat.

View map agenda or drive with goals and experience are most effective when we have the experience and learn the goals and activities. This enhances the learning experience and allows maximum use of time.

There are times when flexibility is required for the experiment: The program activities, adapting and adding the unexpected occurs.

To perform the evaluation. Use written notes for now, as well as video / audio recording, etc. See notes and tapings and the next attempt to evaluate the program. Involve the evaluation of their learning and performance artists. Soon as possible after an attempt is made, the time to reflect on the experience of all components.