Musical toys for children newborn to 12 months

It is widely accepted early in the history of mankind, that music plays a key role in the development of Armenia of our intellect. For Plato, the music was the foundation of all education. Today, there are a wide range of musical toys, parents often leads to confusion, which is important at every stage of development. This article will correspond to each stage of development of children's music resources, the selection and purchase of toys and tools, which are much easier.

During the first 3 months of life are the most vulnerable and dependent on the stage. The infant is dependent on all the back and food were provided by his parents, interaction with parents and caregivers is critical during this phase. Your face and your emotional response to the main purpose of the child or the child does not learn to understand and you provide more stimulation. Parental choice is important and should be the development of the child. Babies are a number of primitive reflexes. The Moro (or startle), reflects on all of us are familiar. In practice, this means that the strong sudden noises can not evaluate this in the first 3 months is better to choose the sounds calm, like Maracas Baby by Halili products are ideal, as Sound Set or Mini Sea Sound Drum Halili and Mini Rainmaker. By Tolo Toys as Shake Rattle and Roll Gripper noise are also very good option, but the agitators and rattles, which are bright and colorful and has a soft voice. Any maracas, drums, castanets, bells, tambourines are beautiful at this stage, the producer of the sound source and how you can change the volume of the response of the child. Stark black and white contrast newborns very reactive, so big and bright colors in black and white infants, young children are also very important. The Sound Amazing Baby to hold the ball with the versa black and white, and vice are more emotional than a toy.

When children reach the stage at about four months to understand the objects, then we should consider the age and the fact that everything will be in the mouth: The weight is also important for any toy, there are a number of washable shakers such as light production Halili? There are also some small wooden maracas, which is light enough that it can be wiped clean. Rainbow Mini shakers are also a good option, which Halili Music of various sizes and colors and sounds of animals. All musical instruments must be carefully selected by the calls, because this age group they are a strangulation hazard. Kindermusik produce completely secure calls, jingles are attached to the canvas. If you plan to use the phone, then it should be completely under adult supervision at all times. There are some nice bells available. Five of the bell jingles are simple bell-shaped D is available in several colors, Britain Clown calls or calls to the call of nature with a few decorations. Tummy time is very important at this stage, and musical toys are perfect for the attention of the animation and the development of muscle tone and core strength and stomach. Provide opportunities to lean scarves look-a-Boo games, and develop a sense of humor and hope.

Babies move their movement with a huge development opportunities for approximately five months of age. After developing core strength and muscle tone is much tummy time when they first learn to ride, and when placed on the ground floor of the key and can change direction very easily. It's a good opportunity to encourage movement and any toy that moves like Vtech Roll and Wiggle Caterpillar or Magic Ball is ideal for children's toys musical, which call for children to go after him. These toys are perfect for moving the child to the creeping, crawling stage.

Babies crawling and crawling on the stage of power to pull and move their cruise around the furniture. Are interactive toys that are important at this stage: The Vtech my first musical Maker much, sing with me piano, guitar and more complex songs and Discover are ideal. Storybooks and nursery rhymes to life at this stage: Read to your child: there is no better way than the interactive book, which provides not only visual but also to sing rhymes and partnership opportunities. If the look-A-Boo-Book - by Vtech which offers significant opportunities.