Why do some children lose interest in music

You know, the official statistics on the number of children who have music lessons, but never take the training.

Of course, many children were pushed by their parents or teachers are graduates of the school of music, but they never touch the instrument again, you can be one of them.

Dear Parents, I ask that you give your young musicians to showcase their musical accomplishments in front of your guests. I am one hundred percent sure, that took place at least once. Now we must ask that parents whose children still (or already), no music lessons, but the question is: Have you ever had the chance to hear a musician deal with a new song during your visit to relatives or friends who I am you.

Let's see how you live: How well do you remember the reaction of the child at the request of his parents to play something for the guests. And he is proud of the fire and rushed to the instrument. In this case, we congratulate the parents and teacher of music: you know that your work is good.

And if the child's reaction was negative.

Having worked with children and adults for many years, I noticed that parents often had to take effect, or at least to persuade their children to study music. Parents tend to blame the laziness of a child. Let's see if there really is no sense in this statement.

Without even reading books on the characteristics of school age children, it is clear that small children are rarely idle, and it is also a fact. More often, parents get tired of their hyperactivity, so we exclude "laziness" as a possible cause of this focus on what lies behind the word.

Usually, the first children to play a musical instrument for pleasure. However, as time passes, lessons and problems within a home. The reasons behind the loss of interest in music learning among children, and I heard a different comment. In general, they all said, "My child was so strong, well - behaved, simply outstanding. He danced and sang while he listened to music and when we had company, he asked us to listen to what he had recently learned to play Now he has completely changed. "

Complain that their children have become simply intolerable, parents blame everyone, including new friends for their children, music teacher, and so on.

Moreover, very few people realize that most issues to consider are caused by their parents. These problems can occur for various reasons. Some children lose interest in music until the first year of training, etc., three or five years, and sometimes during adolescence: Please, dear parents, to the fact that if a child does not want to learn from the beginning, because, in general, his psychological training unprepared. So we will create a question: Who do you think is responsible. You, the parents, of course.