Sequence analysis of the importance of music

"Use it or lose it!"

You have made a significant contribution to the education of your child.

Such as music, if you exercise your body regularly, there should be a great health benefit, but only because you live in the 10 months, does not mean you can stop the exercise for 2 months and keep your Health, where he was the last day you worked.

No, definitely not.

What really happens to your health begins to deteriorate very slowly. Is it a number of months, and all your hard work has been reversed.

The same thing happens in music. Your child (and you) who have worked their instrument / voice of the school year, and if they are out of summer classes, they lose because they do not use it all summer.

Imagine what would happen if you do not exercise your waistline, and what I ate for 2 months. (If you're one of those who can eat cheeseburgers and French fries all the time and never get a book, Please tell me!)

Thus, to use (your music lessons, that is) and continue all the time throughout the summer, so you do not lose it! Learn new things more easily when your child has more time on their hands should try, without juggling home.

Why when you do not "use" you "lose money"

Many parents understand that "Save Money" - Music of the suspension of the summer is actually quite high myopia decision because he did not, taking account of attrition "" skills and techniques, and having to learn these things from the fall "back school" time. If you have something to learn twice you've wasted your money.

Here is how you "lose" if you do not "use".

January 2011: $ 100 to pay to learn the position of middle C, play different songs in the C-East, the study notes and rests

February 2011: $ 100 paid to the position of middle C, play hands together, and in addition, a review of studies on terms of scale C opposite movement music from 2010.

March 2011; pay tuition of $ 100, at position C major C major scale with chord progressions

April, 2011. Pay tuition fees of $ 100, and continue to position C major, F major at the position and scale

In May 2011. Pay tuition fees of $ 100, still high, learn from C and F; learn the values ??of

June 2011 (only 3 weeks). Pay tuition fees of $ 75 to prepare for the recital. Continue the above

Total: $ 575

July 2011: OFF (no education, no training)

August 2011: Off (no education, no training)

September 2011: to pay tuition of $ 100, and fight songs in June 2011, re-learn the C Major, the fingers of the hand, beginning in 2010. Lost some agility and independence, students frustrated and lose morale

October 2011: to pay tuition fees of $ 100, to learn the position of F major, C major is always the practice in 2010 and 2011. Finger strength to return to where they were in 2011. Still frustrated, the student wishes to leave. Parents are frustrated, too.

November, 2011. Pay tuition fees of $ 100, go to a recital of winter, but you must choose a song I heard since 2011 on the students could not learn any new hardware, they stuck to the training materials March to June, 2011.

December 2011 (only 3 weeks). Pay tuition fees of $ 75, the story of winter. Students a better idea of ??the game, and now back to a consistent standard in practice. Song recital winter to play at this level, where students in June 2011. The teacher may now have to learn new after the winter break in January 2012.

Total: $ 375.

However, if you review the above, you will see that it is the same $ 375 that has already been paid in March and June Nothing new to learn, learn everything again. So it was a loss of $ 375.

Total paid for 2011: $ 950

However, $ 375 was, garbage, parents pay twice in the same study material.

Plus: motivation waned, their difficulties and stress at home between lessons, the student misses an opportunity to make a Studio CD for the holidays, student satisfaction has decreased overall.

What would happen if the student had classes in July and August

January to June 2011, the same as the total above $ 575

July, 2011. Pay $ 75 (they leave), and studied the position of G Major, G Major volume. Because the student has no home and more time available, the student is assigned a duet with another student, and fun, the part that encourages / she practices more. Tech rises, increases motivation.

August 2011, pay $ 75 (one week ago): Learning CMajor, and FMajor GMajor. The scales are smooth, finger dexterity and increased autonomy, the usual practice is consistent throughout the year, while the student is loving playing duets.

Total Summer: $ 150

September, 2011. Pay $ 100, the student adjust to the new school year, the teacher skilfully means difficult, but a nice piece of equipment for finger exercises for students, a student wrote the song, or C, F, G, or as a vacation plan.

October 2011, to pay $ 100, students are already thinking about winter recital, so that the teacher is given a piece of Labour Day, as the technique of studying and practice has been consistent, teacher, Christmas DUET also means more consistent, reliable student. Start learning the technique, including arpeggios, C, F and G.

November 2011: Pay $ 100: Continue to work on duets and festive songs, REFINING expression of symptoms, such as legato, staccato, marcato, sforzando, and dynamics such as crescendo and decrescendo.

December, 2011. Pay $ 75 (only 3 weeks): Preparation holiday recitals, the rules of the stage and audience etiquette in a fun "registration" program, GarageBand is a teacher's studio, "Studio holiday CD Project "other students who are prepared are given on how the family members of CD-present.