The power of music - the brain

The power of music can not be denied: High school students who study music are more than a point, quick to develop physically, improving listening skills and to better emphasize the three major schools of the development of music and the arts in America, the three countries with the best university in Africa, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, and focus heavily on music education and participation in music.

Dr. Nina Kraus is a professor of neurobiology and physiology in the northwest, which shows how children in the study, which had only 20 minutes of music lessons show a significant change in how the nervous system reacts sound, and how that voice is expressed in the brain. Whether it is music or speech.

Kraus said, "plays an instrument teaches the brain to increase the process seems complicated," This is particularly useful to those who have the skills, the learning disability that makes them vulnerable to background noise, but also useful in noisy environments for children, and children is strong evidence that music, and events of the brain in a noisy environment.

My experience as a musician alto saxophone, playing musical instruments, either with other brass instruments and wind instruments and percussion. or play rock and blues on the environment, my tenor sax, brought my attention to my life and allowed me to free the individual to continue the upper ranks of the company and music.

"You have to constantly deal with the voice of harmony and melody on top of their own instruments and they are constantly having to play their own notes, rhythm, tone, etc., while continuing to make changes to their game as part of a whole group. You can imagine how this impacts on the ability of children to learn in a noisy classroom, "says Kraus.

Physiological benefits of music can be experienced at any age, but it is best to begin musical training during childhood.

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