Music makes children smarter - prove me wrong

In the last generation, singing and playing instruments was an integral part of family life is a great way to express and entertain you, and if we do not know, but we also exercise our brains, and we play, forcing us to be creative, to be more viable. intelligent, and our generation, we as a society tend to be passive listeners and consumers, and therefore short of the intellectual development of our children and our chances of reaching their intellectual potential.

People are "wired" music, until recently, scientists did not know how music affects the brain that progress in technology allows scientists to actually "see" brain activity using PET and MRI of blood flow to the brain scan of our brains are "wired with" neurons ways. Much of the work as part of the brain "lights up" with activity, so the saying, right brain / left brain, etc. But in reality, there are four areas in all regions of the brain and music "light" and create new neural pathways, as people learn to play the instrument and the neural circuits remain intact and can be used for other things than music, Norman Doidge, in his book, brain, the evolution of his hand after the human brain is forced to change or adjust to the discipline and voluntarily, or involuntarily because of strange incidents. Studies confirm that the brain has plasticity, "You can not teach an old dog new tricks," prove the case "does not want to be" not too old to change.

Daniel Levitin explores the passionate relationship between music and the brain in the same book. Google-h, YouTube to watch videos or go to its website. It's an interesting time to discover how we know and how little there is to learn: There is certainly enough evidence to recognize that it is the imagination of a music teacher. Music has a huge impact on brain activity. You can physically / visually see economic growth and the changes occurring in the brain. The possibilities are endless. Effects of music therapy and music education are profound: Just check out the video of PBS 'Music Instinct. "Neurologist author Oliver Sacks relays a true story in his book, Musicophilia, where a man was hit by lightning indirectly via telephone and three weeks later, composing and playing the piano for the first time, Sacks believes that man has been "re-wired" through this experience? The list goes on and on .

But even if you are still skeptical about making music kids smarter, look at other benefits. Socially, people with great musical interaction to create a timeless hobby: Take a look at the high school choir or band or orchestra, and you can find a large percentage of the top 10% of their class and school. To strive for excellence in the music group: Everyone has a perfect game of this group to do their best to "sit on the bench." Everyone is entitled to their weight or the whole group suffers . Creative, especially in jazz groups, developed, perfected and hugs. Who can use more of their workforce. What is the difference between creative and gives the company a cutting edge. There are many benefits to be involved in music, but the neural pathways drives home the point and gets the attention of our scientists do not want to play a musical instrument makes you smarter, but all indicators are there, so we will look to in the face? Instead of trying to prove that music makes you smart, it's good for you and your child, try to prove he is not. I can not think of a reason why the learning a musical instrument is harmful, you can: