Why music education and the arts

Over the past decade have had financial difficulties in school education programs, like art class and music class without at least a little art or music education for children with severe damage when they enter college and the workplace: Art and Music classes, children learn the creative and logical in the brain than in other parts of the brain used in most subjects at school. In addition, studies have shown that music and art to help children in other subjects such as science and mathematics. Studies have shown that art and music lessons can help children develop the confidence to succeed in school and in the professional world. After all, art classes, students learn how to use tools such as the development of chairs and tables that are used by professionals such as architects and graphic designers. Therefore, it is essential that schools ensure that they receive the funding they need to keep these programs alive.

Music lessons and art to teach children the art. When children are creative, using a portion of their brain they do not use regular classrooms, as well as mathematics and science. It is important to develop the creative part of the brain, that children should be better able to succeed in their career choices. For example, a child who wants to engage in advertising as a career choice to come to work with new and innovative advertising for the company. If children are not educated in science, mathematics, English and social studies, while they may not be ready for life after school.

There have been many studies that have shown that arts education and music to help children better in their regular classes. The fact that a good musical education leads to better math scores. Arts education helps teach children to be creative, which helps them learn to come to creative solutions to problems, given their other classes, for example, in science class, students will be creative and innovative with new version of the class, which can lead to better grades. Art and music classes are important to help children learn the tools, which can be applied to other classes.

Instruments and tools that are used in art class music class, used to teach children how to be responsible for the expensive equipment that will most likely need to work with future employers. For example, a child will be responsible for the musical instrument helps children learn responsibility, and helps them learn to respect the material that is not theirs: This is important because employers can s' expect that future employees can be responsible and take care of all material that goes the credit of the employee, such as computers, for example.

Public school boards must ensure that programs music and art in their schools are well funded. Arts education and the music helps teach children creative, it is necessary in many jobs: art classes and music also teach children the tools, which can be used for other classes to help improve And their scores, using the tools and the art school. help children responsibility and respect for materials that are not theirs. Children who do not have any type of music or arts education, is certainly a disadvantage when they enter college or the workforce.